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Sculptural Ceramics

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Kiln Building - Second Edition

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Alternative Kilns - First Edition

Sculptural Ceramics - 3rd Edition

Ian Gregory not only discusses the clays, glazes and equipment available to sculptural ceramicists, but also manipulation methods and techniques as well as kilns and firing methods. The work of international artist is also looked at in great detail. Illustrated with beautiful colour photographs. This book is designed as an introduction and practical handbook to the subject. Man has been creating images in clay from almost the beginning of his existence. Sometimes the pieces were used for votive purposes, other times, just as a means for expressing his own inner artistic drive. Either way, it was the tactile quality of the clay that allowed the artist to combine form and texture with his own aesthetic feelings to produce works that can be appreciated whether they were made 10,000 years ago or last week. In his book, Ian Gregory first sketches the history of man's clay figure work. He then provides technical information for the would-be sculptural ceramacist. He starts with the basics of clay - which to use for different purposes, how to modify the clay for strenght and colour, and which textural techniques to use for decorating the surface. He then goes on to discuss methods of forming the clay - coiling, casting, modelling and decorating methods. Finally he looks at kilns - which to use and how to build them - as well as which fuels to use. The book is rounded off with a survey of work that is being done in the field. The author uses examples of work from all over the world to show just what an exciting and creative area of ceramics this is. Published by A&C Black. ISBN: 0-7136-3580-0

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Kiln Building

Building your own kiln need not be a daunting task. Indeed, it can be the best way to get a simple and cheap kiln that fits your personal requirements. In this book, Ian Gregory discusses the different types of kilns, fuels, the materials to use, and the principles to be kept in mind for successful firing. Working drawings of many types of kilns are included and new, experimental kilns such as paper kilns and the fire tree kiln are illustrated. This book is a must for anyone wanting to have a go and build their own kiln, whether they are ambitious amateurs or experienced potters. This book is a completely updated, full colour version of his previous two Kiln Building books. Published by A&C Black. ISBN: 0-7136-3858-3

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Alternative Kilns

Ian's second volume on experimental kilns to accompany the series. Offering radical new ideas and different approaches to the age old skill of building kilns. The book is not designed as a how-to-do-it book per se although it does provide basic guidlines for the beginner. Instead, it takes a fresh look at the process of kiln building, suggesting materials and new styles of kilns, many of which are art forms in their own right. The result is an intructional as well as inspirational book which should appeal to old-hand builders as well as those just starting out in kiln building. Published by A&C Black. ISBN: 0-7136-6164-X

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